Weighing Meanie

We kept guessing the weight of the pigs, and we couldn’t decide.  Are they big enough?   Are they not big enough?   Finally,  Ted decided to figure it out.

He tried distracting them with corn.  They loved it but would move just out of reach every time he got near them.  Meanie decided to sit in the mud, and he let Ted scratch his back.  Ted scratched and scratched him, and between scratches, he was able to slide that string onto him to get his length and belly measurements.   

Meanie loved it!  Each time Ted would stop, Meanie would grunt at him and nod his head up and down to get Ted scratching again.  At one point, he flopped over on his side so Ted could scratch his belly, too!  When Ted finished, he looked back from the gate, and Meanie was sound asleep.

This does not bode well for sending Meanie to freezer camp.  Ted tends to keep the ones he gets attached to  (remember the turkeys??)!

Note:  this big boy weighs approximately 275 pounds right now if Ted’s string measurements were correct!  That’s a lot of bacon!!

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