Meatbird time again!

The day before we went to Chicago,  we went to Tractor Supply for some little item…and I saw these…

This happened to be the half off bin which made the meatbirds 99 cents each, and I could not pass up such a great deal!  I came home with 13 of the little boogers.  I couldn’t help it. They were being picked on mercilessly by the others (enlarge the picture, and you’ll see the poor little red bloody spots on their tails and wings where the others were being so horrid to them).  

Ted fixed up the spot in the broody house to keep them safe from predators like raccoons and snakes, and they are growing like little weeds in there!  They were just fine while we were in Chicago. He made sure they had a huge waterer, a huge feeder, lots of bedding, and a small heat lamp to keep warm, and they are all healed and perky now!

This Cornish Cross is my favorite breed personality wise; I wish all the hens were like this breed! They’re the most laid back birds I’ve ever seen and are very easy on pasture.  Unfortunately,  their genetics cause them to grow so large so fast that they cannot live long (their hearts eventually give out), so I can’t keep this breed for eggs. I will make sure they have lots of room and fresh green grass (as soon as Mother Nature gives me some this spring) though!

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