Making visits with Gramma

Gramma Izzie wanted to visit her friend Barb today so we made plans to go. First we had to stop by Homestead Market which is the local Amish place to pick up donuts (and candy and raw honey and oatmeal). Then we had to swing thru McDonald’s to grab some coffee to go with the donuts.

She wasn’t quite sure that she remembered exactly where Barb’s house was located, but she had a general idea and remembered that we needed to turn by the library so we spent about 5 minutes hunting it, going up and down streets until she recognized the fence that is on one side of Barb’s yard.

The two ladies had a nice visit with donuts and coffee, reminiscing about the olden days and discussing what they’re both going through right now, Gramma living with pancreatic cancer and Barb battling brain cancer.

Barb and Gramma Izzie, 3/9/2018

Just as we were getting ready to leave, I snapped this picture, and I heard them whisper to each other that they hoped they’ll get together again soon, but if not, one day they’ll see each other on the other side.

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