Hiking our farm today

Today, we decided to hike our farm. It. Is. GORGEOUS!!!

Side note: We walked to the edge of the woods, heard a “meow”, and then Ted brought Daisy back home and locked her in the house because she was following me. He said he knew if he didn’t take her home, she’d get lost, and he’d be out in the woods with a flashlight looking for her for six hours tonight for me. LOL

We walked all over the place in the woods and finally found the creek. Gramma swears the farm goes past the creek. We followed the creek, walking right up the creek bed mostly, until from what Ted could tell on the satellite view on his phone we were at the farm’s edge. Then we walked up some very steep hills and hit the big four wheeler path and knew we were near our barn.

We’ve found where we’re going to move the pig pasture and scoped that all out. We think we’ve found the perfect spot!

We saw this strange tree configuration as we were wandering around back there.

It looks like several of the roots just shot straight through the trees!

Puppers had a blast with us.

She went just far enough that she could still see us and then would wait until we caught up.

She never ran off and left us until we got back to the barn, and then she ran over to see a neighbor dog and play.

We came through the back gate of the pasture when we finished, and the cattle were thoroughly confused.

They couldn’t figure out where we came from! LOL

When we finished hiking, we stopped to visit Gramma Izzie. She said she was feeling awful this morning, but she seemed a lot better this afternoon when we popped in to talk with her. She wanted to hear all about the hike and see all the pics we took, too. She told us all about how there used to be all rolling hills and no trees in there back when Grampa Eddie had the farm. We hope we can get it back the way it was soon!

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