Driving home

The neighbor called this morning. His father decided he wouldn’t have a garden next year so wanted to remove his fence posts but was having trouble getting them out of the ground. He asked if Ted could use the tractor to do it after work. Unfortunately, Ted is on a business trip and won’t be home until after dark this evening so I said I could do it on my lunch break if they could wait a couple of hours.

Now I haven’t driven the tractor in months, so it took me a good five minutes to even get it started because I forgot it had to be in neutral and have no gear engaged to even turn over. Then I had to figure out how to raise the forks in the front (easy) and the blade in the back (UGH – that took me forever but I did it). Then I drove it down the hill and finally was able to lift their fence posts out of the ground for them (easy-peasy).

By the time I started back up our driveway, it was all coming back to me. I definitely need to drive it more often!

As always, Puppers tagged along for the whole journey. Also, I love the drive up our driveway… no matter where I’ve been or for how short/long, there’s nothing better tthan the view when coming home!

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