Dollar Tree – gnome garden

I’ve started crafting a little here and there again, and I’ve realized something. Craft supplies are expensive! A new trend I’ve noticed is crafters buying supplies/repurposing items from Dollar Tree to keep costs down, and it works!

I couldn’t find any premade gnome gardens or fairy gardens online. I think due to their fragility that shipping probably isn’t an option most garden centers or stores even consider. I did find multiple pieces for sale though, and prices seemed to start at about $5 and go upwards as high as you want to spend.

I fished around in the garage and found these three wooden vintage boxes (no idea what they were previously used for), and then I bought a few items at Dollar Tree and shopped my Dollar Tree craft room stash.

This is what I put together! It’s approximately 12″w x 8″h x 8″d. I used four pieces of green floral foam, 1.25 bags of moss, a pack of shamrock ornaments (removed the green ribbons), 1 cauldron from a pack of 6, 1 pack of gold coins, 1 shamrock placemat, and all the gnome/fairy items you see. Every single thing was from Dollar Tree, and I have $20 in it!

Here are some close up shots:

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out! I may wind up repainting some of the houses at some future point, but for now, it works well as the buffet table decor for spring.

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