Getting ready for spring

It was 60F here this past Saturday! Ted and I spent four hours outside on yard work. I cleaned out the raised beds to get them ready for planting soon, and Ted brought me up several loads of composted manure (black gold!) from the barn.

Starting point for the raised beds

I found that eleven of the strawberry plants were trying to send out runners already!

They lived!!! That’s a strawberry plant!!!

I mulched them with some straw and dry leaves and placed two old windows on top of their raised bed to try to get their dirt a little warmer.

Mini greenhouse for the strawberries

I think we’ve outgrown our little row of raised beds. This year, these will house herbs and flowers and strawberries.

Ready to fill with flowers, herbs, and strawberries

The garden is being moved over on the hillside by the garage, and I’m putting in a big one with 50′ rows of green beans, corn, peas, pie pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, sunflowers, etc. In reality, I’m probably just going to be setting up a diner for the deer, but I’m at least going to try this year!

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