Luci is a menace

I’ve figured it out. Luci is the instigator of every dust-up between the cats and dogs in this house. She sits atop the couch or recliner or bookshelf, waiting on Friskee or Puppers (her favorite targets) to pass by, and then she leaps on them like the terror from above. She whacks them of bites them on the butt and then runs away as fast and hard as she can so they don’t have a chance to retaliate.

She KNOWS she’s not supposed to be upstairs, but she makes her way to the big bed every single chance she gets and sneaks into a pile of covers and sleeps there all day…then wreaks havoc all night while everyone else is trying to sleep. She is a MENACE…but I love the entertainment she provides. Also, Friskee would get absolutely no cardio exercise if Luci didn’t make her do it by these aerial attacks.

Plotting her next assault…

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