Today’s project

Last year, a lost dog appeared at our door late at night and proceeded to lose his ever-loving mind. He was just aggressive and scared enough that I didn’t feel comfortable opening the door to let him inside, and during the ensuing night, he wound up destroying my screen door and putting a hole in the metal of my sliding glass doors.

Today’s project: finally fixing the screen door!

It took all of 15 minutes – why did we procrastinate on fixing this for so long?

In case anyone is interested, the following is the Facebook post I made a year ago (no idea why I didn’t post on the blog about this!) and kept updating all night that night last year when this dog was tearing my porch and sliding doors apart. Three notes: 1) we can finally laugh about this now but at the time we were fit to be tied, 2) yes we called the police but they said if they came out, they’d have to shoot the dog, and 3) this has a happy ending as the dog warden picked him up a little after 9 a.m., and he was adopted from our local dog shelter about two days later!

May 20, 2019 (read from the bottom of the page up to get the full effect)

7:45am – I got two hours of sleep. He started crying again at the storm door. The dog warden is on her way to get him. He tore the screen door down and busted a hole clear through it.

5am – I lost my patience when he started hurling himself at the glass storm door again and yelled at him with the same tone that makes my dogs take immediate notice and listen. I told him, “GO TO BED! NOW!” He backsassed me a good bit, but he finally did three rounds on the porch mat and settled in and went to sleep. And this is how I am now in the LR recliner, up against the storm door so he can see/smell me, trying to catch three hours of sleep before I have to get up for work and also figure out how to let my four dogs go potty without them seeing him/him seeing them.

4:34am – He busted my porch gates open and started throwing himself against the glass storm door. I opened the door and yelled, “SIT!!!”, and he did. He tried to nose open the storm door. He obviously was an inside dog and wants in more than anything…but he growled at the cat and Smidge through the door so he can’t come in here.

4:10am – I’ve called the sheriff’s office again (called about 11:30pm previously). I don’t want anyone to shoot him…I just want this dog to be quiet so we can get some sleep! Gave the dog a jar of peanut butter. He was quiet for all of ten minutes and then started right back up again. I’m pretty sure my screen door is destroyed at this point.

3:34am – STILL. BARKING.

2:23am – still barking and howling

1:41am – barking and has added in frantically scratching at my sliding glass doors/screen door now – dropped him a slice of pizza and two tortillas in hopes that he will go to sleep…didn’t work. He ate it all and started barking and howling again. Tried sitting near the door to talk to him, and that made him worse.

1:15am – I spoke too soon. Now he’s howling at the moon/his shadow. <<>>

Edited at 1am – I came downstairs to find him still on the steps at the sliding door, barking. I tried yelling at him – that made him bark more. Then I tried turning on the radio, and success! He has put his head down and gone to sleep… FINALLY.

Edited at 12:16am – HE’S STILL BARKING!!!!

Original post: OMG – does ANYONE know who owns this dog??? He’s been here since 10:20pm, BARKING. I just want him to. go. HOME.

9:16 a.m. the morning after he howled and barked all night and tore my porch and sliding doors apart

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