Blueberry patch

I killed our previous blueberry bushes when I installed electric on the old pig fence a couple of years ago. They literally just shriveled up and died. I had no idea that being close to the electric fence would kill them like that!

We didn’t plant new ones last year because time got away from us, but as we were leaving Tractor Supply yesterday morning, we saw a tub of blueberry bushes out front so we picked out three and paid for them.

Ted planted all three of them as soon as we got home. These are supposed to get approximately five to eight feet wide so we set them in an area of the yard that’s slowly being turned into a front yard Victory Garden. The plan is to put another cattle panel arch here and grow something that vines and loves acidic soil (just like the blueberries).

My biggest challenge right now will be keeping the deer and rabbits from eating these new blueberry bushes!!!

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