We’ve been looking high and low for feeder pigs. Because of COVID19, lots of folks haven’t bred their sows around here this year. Meat is being rationed in the grocery stores, and what few feeder pigs there are have been bought up quickly.

A friend tagged me in a Facebook post of a woman only 20 minutes away who had a bunch of feeder pigs for sale. I jumped on that immediately, and this past Thursday evening, we picked up three.

These girls are not nearly as wild as the pigs we’ve had before. Ted was able to scratch one’s belly already, and another let me scratch her nose.

Look at those ears!

These pigs were originally from a huge farm that raises pigs for a big business that has closed for now due to the virus. They sold a huge bunch to this local farmer who in turn offered them to folks around here. We were horrified when we got them home and realized that the original place they came from had docked their tails when they were tiny.  It seems so cruel!

Sally Sue is super happy with her new digs and pasture here on our farm!

We’re glad they’re here with us now!

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