The other morning, Ted swore up and down that he was hearing a woodpecker. I could hear a knocking noise but thought it was something rattling around on my metal baking table from the vibrations of the dishwashers.

Imagine my surprise when later the next day I looked out at the bird feeders on the porch and saw this pretty little guy out there! This is a red bellied woodpecker, and it is a male. A female has the red head, but the red doesn’t go all the way across the head. The red spot on the belly is hard to see because of where it is and because other feathers often obscure the view (according to Google). This male visits often now that he found the feeders, and I saw a female one earlier today! Maybe I’ll see little woodpeckers out there this summer! I wonder if Gramma Izzie ever had this pair at her feeders?

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