The tree

The lightning hit on the right side years ago.

The tree trimming guys were sent by the electric company earlier this week, and they said this tree has to be cut down. They said the neighbor gave them permission to cut down what they wanted, and they think this tree is on his side of the property line. I disagree with both, but Ted says it doesn’t matter which side of the line it falls on because it needs to go if they say so.

The trimmers painted two big red X’s on it.

I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much. I just hate the thought of this old tree being cut down, period. It’s been here since we moved into the house. About 16 or more years ago, it was hit by lightning, and that’s why it has that big charred looking mark on one side. Still, even after that, the tree bloomed every summer. I have seen that tree every time I’ve looked out my office window while working, and I’ve seen that tree every time I’ve looked out my kitchen window while doing dishes, cooking, etc. It’s just too weird that I’m going to go to work one morning having seen that tree and come home to it gone when I look that evening.

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