Rose City Biscuits

I’ve talked before about the old recipe collection that I purchased at a flea market , and the other night I was looking for a good biscuit recipe when I thought to look through the binders. I found several but decided to try the Rose City Biscuits. This recipe was super easy to make.

Biscuits going into the oven

The recipe wasn’t Ted’s favorite. I didnt care for this with jam, but I think these would be a fantastic sausage gravy and biscuits biscuit though! They were fluffy and pulled apart easily, but there wasn’t any sweetness to them (hence why I think they’d be great in sausage gravy).

Vintage biscuit cutter

Can we just talk for a minute about how cute this vintage biscuit cutter is though? I have no idea where I got it, but I want to say Gramma’s (although it’s just as likely that it came from the junk store or a yard sale or the flea market years ago).

Look at the scalloped edges!
Markings on it

After Googling the company, I realized this isn’t a biscuit cutter – it’s a food chopper!!! And Kwik-Kut is still in business and still selling these!

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