Three Rivers Comicon!

My daughter-in-law, Morgan, invited Sahara and me to join her and her best friend, Deb, to attend the Three Rivers Comicon. I made us all a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon, and we all loaded up Friday morning and headed to Pittsburgh.

That girls’ trip was so much fun! I’d never been to Pittsburgh before. We entered through an underground tunnel cut through a mountain; when we were approaching it, mountains were all I could see surrounding us. When we emerged from the other side, the city was just THERE! It was one of the neatest things I’ve ever experienced- I felt like I was in a sci-fi movie when that happened! I wish I’d gotten video, but I had no idea it would happen so didn’t.

Me, Sahara (dressed as Poison Ivy), Morgan, and Deb

We had a great dinner at a Chinese restaurant called Mandarin Gourmet, and it was SO GOOD! The portions were huge! I couldn’t even finish all of mine – I wound up taking half of it back to the hotel.

Salmon teriyaki bento (pic by Sahara)

The Comicon was fun. I spent all of my time in the vendor area; it was fascinating to see the artists that were there, drawing their own comics. There were so many vendors there with the neatest creations!

There were several jewelry makers. I bought the neatest pendant for myself and a neat necklace for Sahara that she saw and really liked. One woman told me she was heading to a show called Halloween in July in Ohio and said she thought it was near Cleveland – it turns out that it’s in Circleville (southeastern Ohio)! Several others told me they’d be attending comicons in Ohio this summer and fall, too. It’s neat how these people and comicons are all connected (like a giant extended family).

I only took the one picture (I thought people would think it was rude if I was snapping pics of them but found out later that the consent sign I saw meant you just have to ask and if they say yes, you can take and share pictures), but Deb and Sahara took several pics and said I could share them!

Sahara (wearing the funky necklace) with another Poison Ivy
Sahara with ???
Close-up of Sahara’s makeup (pic by Sahara)
Ironman (pic by Deb)
Star Wars (pic by Deb)
Star Wars – this little R2D2 moved around and beeped at people! (pic by Deb)
Star Wars (pic by Deb)
The little spider thing walked around, too! I think it was 3D printed! (pic by Deb)

All in all, I had a great time and definitely plan to attend another Comicon in the future!

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