Figuring out the new barn

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want in the new barn we plan to build this summer. This is our little mini barn that we currently use (this pic was taken on a cold night so the heat lamps are lit and glowing in the windows):


I have piles of sketches, printed tips and ideas, and tons of little notes about barns on my desk. I have loads of bookmarked sites to barn plans and pictures.  I just feel paralyzed.  I want the perfect barn, and I know I get just one shot at this. It’s easier when I think about buying a small mini barn and adding to it, but I want to do this RIGHT. That’s the scary part…how do I know it’s right? It’s not like I have lots of experience raising a cow (let alone a cow/calf pair).

The idea of a porch has no real merit, but I still love it.


I like that the inside space of this one is just right for a stall on the far end and an enclosed milk room in the middle.  Plus just look at those cute shutters!!


This red one is just too cute.  It’s not very functional but it’s cute. It has windows right at Bessie ‘ s head height so she could see outside as she munches her hay.


See the dark brown one to its right? It’s actually just right…but I think as narrow as it is, it needs to be about 12′ longer.

  This is going to take a while!!!!

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