Cool weather is awesome right now!

The high today has been 74 F so far.

I started working outside at 8:30 this morning (Monday) and just sat down for a break at 2 pm.  When it’s cooler out, I get more tasks completed.


Today I have:
1 pulled weeds along the sidewalk
2 repotted a large petunia from a little hanging basket to a big tub
3 spray painted an old turkey roaster that I will plant herbs in by the front door
4 washed the screen door by hand
5 moved 100 lb of cracked corn to the henhouse so I’m not walking to the garage everyday for feed (saves me 10 minutes a day which is actually over 58 hours a year!!!)
6 cleaned all the nest boxes
7 put fresh bedding in all the nest boxes
8 removed everything from my van that doesn’t belong there
9 put away everything I removed from the van (that should seriously warrant some kind of chocolate bar or something LOL)
10 cleaned up a wheelbarrow full of little sticks, flowerpots, etc that the storm this weekend threw all over the yard
11 washed, dried, folded, and put away four loads of laundry in between all the outside things
12 did the dishes

Look how dirty I got out there! I think it’s because I went barefooted.

I’m pooped!  I think I need a nap! I just realized the chalkboard calendar isn’t updated for this week though, and the washer just dinged (again) so it’s back to work for me!

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