Hatching update

Two other eggs pipped, but sadly didn’t make it. One chick got out of the egg but died shortly after. The other chick didn’t break any more of the shell and died inside the egg. Mama hen got into a pecking match with another hen over who would mother the chuck (evidently that hen jumped a 4′ tall gate to get to the baby!).


The little hatchling seems to be doing fine. I heaped up a little mound of wood chips so she can get in and out of the nest box. She goes right up it when she wants.

Another chick has pipped a fourth egg so here’s hoping that one hatches and makes it!


Puppers and DG are very interested in what’s going on in that nest box (they can hear through it but not see into it).  I won’t let them around the chick. One step from their big paws would crush that baby!


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