Back up the hill…

The goats and Bessie ate both of the round bales in the past two months. Ted moved them back up the hill yesterday. If I’m feeding them square bales until the next set of round bales gets delivered, it’s a lot easier to do so up here.


Today’s weather was absolutely gorgeous outside. It felt like a spring day. The temperatures were in the low sixties. I actually wore shorts and was very comfortable! I spent a good two hours outside today playing with Bessie, the goats, the dogs, the cats, etc.!


How big Bessie has gotten! That is a toy sand pail beside her face. It would just barely fit over her nose a little bit. I think she is easily upward of 1000 pounds now .

I forgot how much fun it was to have them right here outside the front door.  I’ll be sad to move them back down the hill to the pasture later this week!

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