Menu board

During break, I got the rest of the craft room cleaned out so I can turn it into a spare bedroom since both of the older kids were coming home for the holidays. I got rid of several things and decided months ago I would only keep the supplies for those crafts which I really enjoy creating.

After everybody left, I went through Pinterest looking for ideas. I kept seeing menu boards, and I loved the idea of making it simpler to do the weekly meal planning and grocery shopping. I decided to make one. This was a project I thought would take me about an hour to do. Three and a half hours into gathering up all the recipes, I realized this was going to be a lengthy project (for me). Evidently my crafting skills are very rusty after years of non-use! Lol

I searched and searched an entire afternoon for a pretty scrolling frame that I could use for the menu board, but I couldn’t find anything that was big enough or lightweight  enough.  I knew I wanted this to hang on the refrigerator so that it would be easy for me to use. It also needed to be front and center so I didn’t forget about it. I finally wound up buying a package of large Wilton cake boards, and I used one of those as the menu board.


I gathered all the recipes and bookmarked them in Chrome into one particular folder. Whatever I named the link in Chrome was what I made sure to name it on the menu card (that means I can easily find it in a long list of recipes that I have bookmarked). I made up the entire meal for one dinner, and I listed it on the front of the card. On the back of the card I put every ingredient needed for that meal – the items I always keep on hand such as salt, pepper, baking powder, etc.  I made it easy on myself and printed these on Avery mailing labels which I stopped front and back on cardstock.



Hmmm..this should say corn, not mixed veggies…LOL

I did this for breakfast, dinner, and a few desserts. Lunch is normally just a sandwich so I didn’t worry about that meal. I also color coded the card stock so that blue is breakfast, peach is dessert, and orange is dinner.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found a package of 24 mini spring clothes pins that are approximately 1 inch long each, and I also found some really cute scrapbooking stickers by Paper House to round out my design. I use red ribbon which I already had in my craft stash.  The clothes pins and menu card ribbon pockets are hot glued on, and I poked two holes through the board and knotted the ribbon through it from the back.


Ribbon pockets for menu cards

I’m not positive if I like the big red bow at the top, but that will be easily changed by cutting the ribbon shorter and just having a flat piece going over the 3m hooks which I used to attach this to the refrigerator door.  The only thing I think I have left to do is put days of the week on the dinner clothes pins. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I want that to look like so I haven’t done that part yet .

Total cost for this project was under $12, and it would have been $4 cheaper if I had skipped the stickers. I think they make it look really cute though!

Here’s the finished product! I really like it, and it made meal planning and grocery shopping for this week super easy so far!


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