Jake and I took a little road trip Sunday afternoon, weaving round and round curvy back roads, up and down the hillsides until we found the place we were hunting. 


This is a Duroc sow (girl). She’s got a great temperament and personality and couldn’t get enough ear rubs from me. She’s also pregnant and due in early December, and her babies will be half Duroc and half Yorkshire.  She has really big litters; she had thirteen piglets last time.


I asked lots of questions and have a lot to think about now.


Pigs are part of our three year plan to add to the farm. The problem is that she’s for sale NOW, but I’m just not sure if we can handle her AND all those piglets. They’d be born in the dead of winter, and they’d be too old to be fair pigs by April.

If it was just her, and she wasn’t pregnant,  I’d have her here within a couple of weeks.  However, I’m not sure she’d be okay with being alone at our place; she’s almost three years old and has been with other pigs her whole life. She’s been penned and would have to be trained to pasture and electric. There are December babies to consider also in this equation so I’ve got a lot to figure out and a very short time to do it.

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