Not cool, folks

There’s an old driveway that goes from our place up to the church. It was used before the church’s driveway was cut several years ago. We joke and say the church driveway is the super highway (it is WIDE). 


This old little one is getting grown up with patchy grass, and nobody uses it so Ted ran our electric portable fence across it so Bessie and Beef could clear out some of that area as well as the wooded lot next to it that runs along our private driveway.

Somebody came off the hill and hit it. That somebody was traveling fairly fast because the fence posts on either side were bent to the ground (they looked L shaped after being hit), and all the fencing was down on the back side.


That’s not what got us upset though. What upset us was that the person who did it didn’t tell anybody. The person didn’t come around the driveway to our house and let us know. This person also didn’t stop at Gramma’s and let her know either. The hit and run driver just hit it, backed up, turned around, and left, leaving our fence on the ground and the huge possibility that Bessie and Beef could have wandered out and away – possibly forever.



Nobody will hit it again though. Ted drug tree limbs across that area before the fence today. If they hit the limbs, they’ll stop before hitting the fence next time!

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