Pig on the loose!

It was bound to happen.


She pushed the fence up and open at the very bottom of their area and trotted down the driveway. Gramma took her car and herded her back up the hill.

I got a bucket of corn and some slop and fed Dixie. Bitsy wanted back in there to eat what Dixie had, so I slid the pan over and opened the door, and she ran right back in.

I locked them in the one side until we can run electric tomorrow around the bigger pasture area. She is squealing and carrying on because she can’t get back out. She is MAD.

She better watch out. I’ll turn her into roast pig for Thanksgiving Dinner instead of turkey!!!

There are no pictures – I was too busy trying to get her attention to get any.  Also, and this is good to know, they LOVE peanut butter.  Who knew? A spoonful of that REALLY got her attention.

It was bound to happen. I’m glad it happened while I was home. At least I found the weak spit in the fence and patched it. Tomorrow begins training them to the electric fence. We’re going to have to do it because once they’re 250 pounds, I can’t be chasing them down. That just won’t work. They’d be chasing ME instead!

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