Little Miss Ornery

This kitten is so ornery. She’s like a little devil cat most of the time. Once she settled in, she really settled in! Ted says whoever dumped her probably couldn’t handle her.  She stalks through the house, pouncing on everything that she thinks needs pounced (this includes paper, plastic, stuffed animals, trash bags, shoes, other animals, and walking people).  She climbs legs like a tree trimmer climbs trees – straight up!

I shredded a huge stack of old bills and school papers and had it in a bag that wasn’t quite full yet so I didn’t tie it closed.  She found it. She attacked it.  In a matter of seconds (before I could get across the room), this was the result:


Last night, she slapped Puppers (who was in a deep sleep). I thought Puppers was going to eat her!  The kitten NEVER BACKED DOWN.  She stood on her hind legs and smacked Puppers clear across the living room floor with Puppers trying to chase her and make her stop, and I was right behind them.

Then later I saw this:


The only time she stops is when she’s sleeping…


…and even then, I know she’s just recharging her batteries.


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