I’ve got a plan!

Usually we have a big crew for Thanksgiving,  and the past three years, I’ve made it a potluck. It’s been awesome and easy for everybody.

This year though I have cousins going to see a new baby on their side, two of Teddy’s friends going to visit their families up north, and my parents probably can’t make it either. Since its us, the inlaws (and they currently are remodeling their kitchen), and Gramma, that means I’m doing most of the cooking. I forgot how much work it was!

I sat down at lunch yesterday  and planned out each dish on an index card, using three colors to indicate crockpot, stovetop, or oven, and I put the cook time in the bottom corner.  Then I put them in order from most time to least and then wrote out a Thanksgiving Day plan of action so I could do this stress free. I even wrote a couple of “clean up the kitchen” and “wash the dishes” into the plan because nothing stresses me out like a dirty kitchen and bathroom when I know company is coming over! 

I created a Tuesday and Wednesday to-do list for the house and advance prep because I want to decorate for Christmas on Friday, and I don’t like trying to decorate around clutter, either!

After work, I cut Cooper’s hair and gave him a bath, and then I helped Jake clean his room. Then I made the mistake of letting him out to potty with Smidge, and they both ran away for five minutes to visit the cattle. I had to bathe him AGAIN when he got back (grrrrr…).

At least I got two things off my list yesterday!  Wait – three!!! I put the turkey in the fridge in the garage to thaw. 

Happy, happy!!! I love the holidays!

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