What a week!

I started back to work on Monday, August 1st.  I traveled to Sandusky for work for three days, and on the way I stopped at the doctor’s office.  Guess what?  I DID break my foot this past March!  The x-rays showed it.  No wonder it still hurts.  Also, that explains why I’ve been so tired this entire summer; I did the same thing after I broke my elbow (slept a LOT while it was healing).  

My students are clustered around the Dayton area this year, and hopefully I’ll have all of their information tomorrow so I can start calling the families and start figuring out which students need help with reading, plan my class schedule, plan field trips, etc.

Bessie still hasn’t had a baby!!!  I’m starting to think maybe she’s not even pregnant.   

Annnnddddd. ..my house looks like a bomb went off.  I started a ton of mini projects and didn’t finish any before August 1st so now there’s just all of that to deal with.  I kind of want to get some trash bags and just clear out everything.


Can I get a do-over on summer???

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