Noble Family Farm

Jake visited Noble Family Farm last week and really  enjoyed it!  The farm has several activities for kids to enjoy, and it is very reasonably priced for entry ($6/person).

The first attraction was a set of huge slides.  Jake loved these and has decided that his Dad should build him one on the farm.

There were bikes on a track to ride (one set for big kids and another for little kids).  There were two corn mazes with fun trivia signs  (he read the statement and chose true/go left or false/go right). 

A big hit with many of the kids was a big sandbox filled with corn. Jake had a blast burying his friends in the corn and being buried in return. 

There was a fun playground with this cute barn photo spot near it.

There was a pumpkin patch, too, and then there were the APPLE SLINGSHOTS.  He loved these things.  It was like playing Angry Birds for real!  He has also decided his Dad has to build him one that faces the cow pasture. That way, the cattle can eat the apples he gets in there.

All in all, this is an excellent place to spend an outing with the family!  I highly recommend visiting this farm next fall if you’ve never been there!

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