Cats necessitate change

I have cats and have come to understand this necessitates a certain degree of change in my life and home.  For instance, I no longer put electric candles in my windows because there were just one too many busted bulbs I cleaned up.  I also turned down a bunch of Swarovski snowflake crystals that my Mom bought and offered to me to hang in my windows; while they look gorgeous, I know they’d just be a field day for Daisy, Luci, and Tucker.

Having to move the wifi router, though, might just be pushing it a little.  Tucker and Daisy lay on top of it and push the wifi button which turns off my internet! The first time it happened, I couldn’t figure out what happened. Ted later told me what they’d done, but to keep them off of it, I had to hang it from an Ikea bin in the window!

I repeat: this may be pushing it just a little!

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