Gardening with Gramma Izzie

Gramma had me help her with her plants earlier this week. That woman can grow anything (just like my Mom!).  I, unfortunately,  did not inherit this gene.  Here’s hoping one of the kids did.

Gramma has a big strawberry pot full of “hens and chicks”, and there are tons of little “chicks” growing out from under the “hens” right now.  Jake and Sahara wanted plants for their rooms after the field trip to the Franklin Conservatory, and she told me to get some pots, and she’d transplant some for them.

She literally just scooped them out with a trowel and stuck them in the little pots I brought her.  

She told me to keep them in a sunny spot inside and water them a little everyday until the dirt was just moist.  

Here’s hoping I can keep them alive!

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