Gramma Izzie’s noodles – video of Gramma!

Before we had any idea that Gramma was sick, I asked her to teach me how to make her famous noodles. She came up on July 28, 2017, after I bought the "good flour" (ie: Gold Medal All Purpose), and I photographed and recorded her as she did this, not realizing it would be the … Continue reading Gramma Izzie’s noodles – video of Gramma!

The Christmas Cave in Minford, Ohio

Tucked away in the hollers of Minford, Ohio, is a fascinating place called the Christmas Cave.  I was able to go last year with Jake and Sahara on a field trip, and we enjoyed it so much we went again on another field trip this year, and this time we took Ted. It's a long … Continue reading The Christmas Cave in Minford, Ohio

Glitter glue ornaments

Sahara told Jake to sit down so she could teach him how to make glitter glue ornaments like Janeesa taught her when she was little.  Sahara and Jake, making Christmas memories, 12/9/2017 They made glue shapes on parchment paper and added glitter designs to them. Once they dry, the kids will peel them off the … Continue reading Glitter glue ornaments

Gardening with Gramma Izzie

Gramma had me help her with her plants earlier this week. That woman can grow anything (just like my Mom!).  I, unfortunately,  did not inherit this gene.  Here's hoping one of the kids did. Gramma has a big strawberry pot full of "hens and chicks", and there are tons of little "chicks" growing out from … Continue reading Gardening with Gramma Izzie

Saved from the mouth of Luci(fer) herself!

I was in my home office just a little bit ago, finishing an end of year parent/teacher conference with a student and parent, when I looked out my office window.  I immediately noticed Luci under the trampoline, murdering playing with something that looked to be larger than a mouse.  I ran outside to see what … Continue reading Saved from the mouth of Luci(fer) herself!

It’s always something 

Ted loaded up the pigs Sunday evening and put the trailer in the barn to keep them warm and dry. The goal was to go straight to the butcher shop early Monday morning before work. Unfortunately, we didn't realize that they didn't open that early. Luckily, I found out before we left because I checked … Continue reading It’s always something