Saved from the mouth of Luci(fer) herself!

I was in my home office just a little bit ago, finishing an end of year parent/teacher conference with a student and parent, when I looked out my office window.  I immediately noticed Luci under the trampoline, murdering playing with something that looked to be larger than a mouse.  I ran outside to see what she had (scared to death it was a rat and that we were being invaded by rats……..shudder…….), and it was this:


I made Luci let go and give it to me, and then I set about checking it out and doctoring its wounds.  They were very small and appear to be superficial, so I really think that so long as the stress doesn’t kill the poor little thing, it will be fine.  I sprayed it with the herbal wonder medicine that I keep on hand (purchased at Tractor Supply), and as it was time for my next conference, I did what any online teacher would do:  I turned on my webcam and involved my second grade student in what was going on, turning it into a teachable moment!  She loved seeing the little bunny, and her Mom completely understood that I needed five minutes to get it into a cat carrier in a quiet bedroom before starting their conference.  I set the cat carrier into my craft cabinet to give the bunny darkness and try to mimic its habitat/den, and I propped one door of the cabinet open a little bit to let in a little light just in case it wanted to look around (it could see out that one open door from one spot in the cage).


It looks bad, but it’s just the fur pulled out of the skin (like pulling hair out of your scalp).  It will heal!

Then I had to text Ted to tell him to go to the pet store on the way home and get me some mother rabbit pellets (poop for those who don’t know what rabbit pellets are).   He never even missed a beat or thought it was odd that I was asking him to get me some mother rabbit poop. Oh, the conversations we have!  I’m sure that man truly didn’t know what he was getting into when he married me all those many 27 years ago, but we are certainly paired well together!

I had to laugh as I was writing this post……….it’s not everyday that I can say I saved something from the jaws of the devil herself!  LOL



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