Gramma Izzie’s noodles – video of Gramma!

Before we had any idea that Gramma was sick, I asked her to teach me how to make her famous noodles. She came up on July 28, 2017, after I bought the “good flour” (ie: Gold Medal All Purpose), and I photographed and recorded her as she did this, not realizing it would be the last time I ever watched her make her famous noodles.  I would give every material possession I own and every material possession I could steal from anyone else in the world if I could just go back to these moments I caught with my cell phone and spend them with her again.

My cousin asked me for the recipe this morning so I guess Gramma is letting me know that today is when I’m supposed to share these pictures and videos.


Gramma washed my counter before she would even open this bag of flour.  Also, it had to be the “right flour”.  I bought the wrong one the week before, and she told me to dump it in my flour jar and use it for bread or cookies, but she wasn’t teaching me how to make the noodles until I had the Gold Medal All Purpose Flour…… back down the baking aisle I went the following week to pick it up.



Gramma would only use the freshest eggs from the chicken coop.  She said they made the best noodles, and she made me gather them up that morning and wash them and put them on the counter.  When I called her and told her how many I had, she came straight up.


Gramma said using her bare hands was the best way to mix the dough.  She turned the bowl round and round and mixed and mixed this way.


She put a little flour on the counter, and then she dumped out the dough onto it.  She raked out every last little bit of the dough and the flour that was left in the bowl.  She told me to make sure to use the College Inn chicken broth in the carton if I wanted mine to taste just like her’s.


This is the point where I started recording.  She was giving her directions so quickly, and I knew I’d never remember all of it.  I am so happy I recorded this!  I wish I’d talked a lot less in these videos, but here they are:  Gramma and I, having fun in July last year, mixing up batches of homemade noodles and just having a good time together.



This is where I stopped recording.  She wanted me to find the freezer bags I had so we could seal up all the noodles she made.  I didn’t record any more that day.  We sat down and had coffee and talked and talked, and then she said she needed to get back home to Chewie so she gave me a kiss, and out the door she went in a hurry.

I miss you, Gramma, and I love you so much!  I’m so glad we spent this time together and that I recorded you!  I will never forget  you, and I will make your noodles at every big holiday dinner (just like I promised you I would the last time I saw you in April).

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