Thank you,  Joyce!

My mother in law, Billie, left me a voicemail yesterday that her neighbor and good friend,  Joyce, had two big hosts she wanted out of her yard. Joyce told Billie I could have them if I got them yesterday  so once it cooled down last night, I went to Joyce’s and dug them up. They came out of the ground fairly easily which I was very happy about.

They were huge!  I split them up, and this morning at 6am I headed outside to plant them before it got hot.  I wound up with seven starts from the green and white hosta and six starts from the dark green hosta (which I left in bigger starts because it easily would have made about ten if split more!)!

I set the green and white starts all throughout the front flowerbed because it stays fairly shady from the hydrangea and wildflowers, and I set one in front of the chicken coop where I’m hoping the compost isn’t too hot for it.  I set the dark green ones near the two tiny hydrangeas and along the front fence inside the yard with one extra in the chicken coop area where the hens can’t get it.

Thanks, Joyce!  I hope these grow well and really take off and spread over this next year!  🙂

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