I haven’t killed it all yet!

Remember the tomato plants that I thought the frost hit and killed?  They have big leaves on them!  I can’t believe it!!!  Now there are ten fairly good sized tomato plants in my raised bed, three teeny cabbage plants (which haven’t died but certainly haven’t grown so I don’t know what to think about that), and one lone pepper plant. 

The other bed (on the left in the above picture) has broccoli and Brussels sprouts in it, and do you see that huge plant in the middle?  It’s volunteer potatoes!  I had Johnny dump some old red potatoes in the bed a couple of months ago when they were getting a little mushy, and those things lived through several hard frosts and sprouted when we tossed dirt and compost on top of them!  Here’s hoping I get at least a few potatoes from those volunteer plants.

This is the new bed. The chickens have been moved to the old pig pasture because I saw a HUGE coyote last week very close to the house.  They dug up my pepper plants in there so I transplanted them to this new bed.  

When I was cleaning the kitchen Monday, I ran across red potatoes and sweet potatoes that had a ton of eyes and decided to toss them into the new bed – maybe these will volunteer,  too!  I have been dumping dirt over them as I work in the yard and compost piles. This week, pumpkin and/or zucchini will go in this bed as well.

The older blackberry bushes are growing like crazy and have tons of blackberries on them!  

I am dreaming of blackberry cobbler!

Even the flowers are still alive!  I love these pots of wave petunias on the porch steps.  They’re filling out quickly!

Look at the rosebush!  I tied it back this spring so it wouldn’t hang over the sidewalk and steps, and it’s just full of blooms.

So far, so good – I haven’t killed any of them yet!  

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