Bessie – the world’s biggest dog


Bessie is the world’s biggest dog.

I sometimes think that she really thinks she is a dog.  She follows us where ever we go inside the pasture.  She even follows us if we’re just outside the fence (as far as she can).

Last week, Ted was doing a little work in the pasture.  She followed him everywhere.  Back and forth…….


Back and forth…….


Back and forth…….


Bessie loves belly rubs, back scratches, and ear noogies.  She’s a fantastic mama.  She loves grain most of all and will follow us anywhere if we have her feed bag.  She is the world’s best cow and has the best disposition of any cow we have in our herd, and I. LOVE. HER. SO. MUCH!  I’m so glad that she’s my cow/dog!

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