Great Facebook find!

A couple of weekends ago, I found the cutest little chicken coop on the Facebook Marketplace, and I just had to have it. We drove about an hour away, and we picked it up. Today, Ted decided to work on it. The little run that was coming off of it was falling apart and not put together well. 

He got some wire from the garage and some screws and his drill, and after deconstructing most of the run, he was able to piece it together correctly and put a wire roof on the run, too. 

We still aren’t sure exactly what we will use it for because it is smaller than I thought it was (it looked bigger in the Facebook post). It is good size though for a few chicks to get out on the grass, and it is also a good size to use for a broody hen on a nest of eggs, or if all else fails, I will use it as a cat house this winter with heating pads inside and heat lamp for the cats that live outside.

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