Busy two weeks!

I was able to move into the role of intervention specialist (working with special education students) on August 1st. I’m still at my same virtual school, but there’s so much that’s different about this job that I’ve been studying, organizing, and trying to figure it all out – and I haven’t written a blog post in almost two weeks!

I applied for my supplemental teaching license for intervention, and that’s pending review at the Ohio Department of Education.  It should arrive soon.  I’ve applied to college and will begin working on my master’s degree (in mild to moderate needs special education) soon.  

Canning fell to the wayside. I’ve had two bushels of tomatoes in my living room for over a week. I realized today that one bucket spoiled so I tossed it to the chickens. What a waste!

I attended a staff meeting that was about a 200 mile drive one way, and it was a two day meeting.  I am in the midst of creating a Word doc and spreadsheet to merge all the info I’ll need to track all year on my students. 

I’m enjoying my job change, but I. AM. MENTALLY. EXHAUSTED.  

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