Building a bigger roost

The chicks are getting HUGE!

Just a few of the nosiest chicks

Ted says he’s going to start moving them around to the main coop this week. Our meat chicks will be here the week of June 16th so we have to clean the broody house and prep it for them, and these big chicks need to join our egg layer flock. In order to do that, he had to build a new roost.

Out with the old and in with the new (roost)

Chickens have a hierarchy in a flock. Each one has a spot and knows which hens are above and below each one’s position in the flock. When new birds are introduced into the flock, that hierarchy gets upset, and they have to establish it all over again. This is where the expression “pecking order” originated because the birds all peck one another to determine which position each one gets. The aggressive birds get top of the roost, and it’s not always the biggest birds who are top of the roost – it’s the ones that peck the hardest and refuse to back down!

Freshly built roost and one nest box

Ted took out the huge nest boxes because no matter how many clean fresh ones there are, they ALL. WANT. THE. SAME. BOX. We gave up and just let them keep the one they prefer.

Roost for the fat white hen

Ted built a little roost for the fat white hen. She is old and can’t get up on the higher roosts anymore, and she prefers to keep to herself. He wanted her to not be bottom of the flock just because she got old, so he built this little perch for her to boost her self-confidence and make her happy.

I think that’s seriously the sweetest thing he’s ever done!

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