Doesn’t matter how cold it is…

…the cattle still need fed, watered, and checked on daily.

Ted going in to get the cattle to one side of the pasture so he can drive in a big round hay bale without worrying about a cow coming out the gate here
The hay is in so now to secure the gate to keep people from opening it.
Ted has to run the extension cord back again to the water trough heater so their water doesn’t freeze. The cord also has to be anchored so they can’t accidentally pull it into the water.
He puts a feed bag over the two cords where they connect to keep water off of them.
Ted picking up baling twine he cut off the round hay bale. Cattle can die from ingesting it so he almost always cuts this off before he takes the hay bale into the pasture.
Heading back home to plug in the tractor so the block doesn’t freeze because IT IS COLD HERE!

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