Plans, plans, plans

Every winter, I draw and sketch and plan and scheme what my little farm will look like next summer, how it will change, where my vision for it will lead next.  This winter has been no different. I have tons of papers on my desk and sites galore bookmarked.


This year though is a little different in that I’ve finally realized I cannot do it all by myself or it just won’t get finished. In the past I’ve planned and then kicked myself because only one or two projects came to fruition. At that rate, I’ll be 60 and barely closer to my dreams for this place and my community.


(this hangs in my office)

This year, I am taking the bull by the horns and making concrete plans for getting these plans done this spring.  A new mini coop for the new flock of 30 egg layers will be built just in time for the chicks to get in there at four – six weeks old. The new pasture will be fenced and another section bulldozed and seeded for next year for Bessie and the calf I hope she has.  The barn and the milking parlor will be built onto an existing building that will eventually be turned into the cheese house (and offer fresh raw milk cheeses for sale in two years!). The porch will be remodeled and repainted, and I’m having three raised beds built for gardening this year. The second dishwasher is being installed next week which will help me out in the kitchen and later used to sterilize jars for canning workshops and milking equipment for cheesemaking.

I’m so excited to get all of this going!!!


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