Mama’s fried chicken

This will knock their socks off!!  It’s a Sunday dinner they’ll all remember and keep requesting time and again: fried chicken,  mashed red potatoes,  and green beans with bacon.


This is such an easy meal to put together. When you are working in the kitchen, do small things to save yourself time overall. One of the things I do when I am putting this recipe together is set out three jars and a ziplock bag. I measure out the ingredients for the breading into the bag and then do the same thing in the three jars. This means I only take out these spices one time instead of four times and the next three times that I make this chicken, it is quick and easy to grab a jar of spices, toss it in a bag with the flour, and bread the chicken in about 5 minutes.


You can whack the chicken a few times with a rolling pin to get it about an inch thick. This helps it cook quicker in the coconut oil so you don’t want up with soggy breading.


One thing that I did change from the ingredient list pictured above is I used coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil.


Also, one more tip: make sure your bag is zipped shot when you shake the chicken in the breading, or your kitchen winds up a mess!


I wish I had a picture of the completed meal to show you because it looked so pretty on the plate, but the kids gobbled it all up before I had a chance to snap even one! LOL

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