GMO free easier to find

When I first started buying GMO free groceries, I spent three or four hours weekly in the grocery store trying to decipher labels, etc. Now it’s a breeze but I know for newbies it is still overwhelming. That’s why it always excites me to see more GMO free products and more real food (minimal ingredients) our two local grocery stores’ shelves and to be able to share my finds.


I recently found these items in aisle 8 at the local Walmart and the cherries (which I’ll use in homemade granola with the oats, also in aisle 8 with the gluten free items) in with the dried fruits. I usually buy Dominoes sugar because it’s cane sugar but decided to give this one from Mexico a try for $2.32 for 4 pounds. Two bags of this macaroni is 14 ounces for 86 cents and less than a box of the all natural pasta I usually get. The Mexican rice is $1.78 but the ingredients passed my personal preferences and will go well as a side with the Mexican nacho dip I make from scratch.



It’s getting easier to find, folks!!!  Keep looking!

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