Chick update

The chicks are growing like crazy! They are all starting to feather out on their wings and backs (that means they are losing their fluffiness and starting to resemble little chickens).


This is one of the Dark Brahmas. These are gaining weight much faster than the other breeds and also are more aggressive than the others. For instance when I stick my hand in the box to refresh the water and feed, these are the ones that run up to investigate while the others crowd in the opposite corner of the box. It’s making me wonder if perhaps these are little roosters and not pullets. I guess I’ll know if they start crowing in four months! LOL


Look at those feathered Brahma feet!


This is one of the Silver Laced Wyandottes; you can already see the black and white lace pattern on her wings.  This is probably my favorite breed for looks and personality. I have an adult pair in the older flock, and they’re very sweet and though the rooster doesn’t like to be picked up, he will let me touch him and he’s very gentle and has a great disposition. The hen of this pair is equally approachable and lays a pretty little egg every other day in the nest box.


This is the adult hen pecking around in the mulch.

Out of 30, 29 are left. One of the Isa Browns or Buff Orpingtons is no longer with me.  If you’ve ever raised chicks like this, you know that’s a pretty good success rate so far!

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