Look what I found at our farmers’ market!

I am so happy that our local farmers’ market is growing every year. Today I found a wonderful source for stoneware pottery – all locally thrown, painted, and personalized by hand!


The tables were overflowing with beautiful pieces,  and I couldn’t take them all in fast enough because every time I felt myself eyeballing one in particular,  another would catch my eye and draw my attention.


Janet Miller, a retired teacher, makes all of her pieces by hand; her bowls, mugs, and vases have an airy, natural look to them.  Folks can purchase right from her spot at the farmers’ market on Saturdays, or Janet can personalize the pieces any way requested to fill a buyer’s order (names, quotes, colors, etc.).


Janet and her son were very friendly and engaging. We talked and talked while I was snapping pictures for this post, and it was like talking with old friends. She was so sweet; she insisted I choose a mug to keep since I was going to write about her on here. I had a hard time picking, but I finally chose this one:


When choosing gifts this year, please keep Janet in mind.  Remember – buy fresh, and buy local!!!




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