Lesson planning

On the day of the doctor appointment,  I also stopped at Target and found lots of teacher goodies in their Dollar Spot.


If you homeschool and have older kids in activities, you know how it is doing some schooling in the car during hour long practices. I love using the iPad for math and spelling drills while driving to/from these activities. I hate stuffing school things in a bag though and then digging for the right one.  I picked up a great file tote (and wish I’d gotten two more!) to solve that problem.


I also grabbed a dinosaur workbook and playing cards for that unit which will be great for spelling and alphabetical order lessons we’ll be doing.


I found a money set so Jake can play with it and learn how to count back change (so he’ll always know how much he should get back!). He’s excited to play with that already.


I was most excited to find this pack of blank books!!! There are so many things Jake can do with these!!!  We’ll use these for creative writing.  There were different types available: a 3 pack of hardback books, an 8 pack of these 16 page books,  and a 4 pack of 32 page books.

I also picked up two more pocket charts,


a cord for the iPad,


and this cool little metal lunchbox type of container which is the perfect size to hold the big pack of crayons so none get broken in transit!


I love the planning part of homeschooling.  These items will all extend the learning on several units I already have ready to go!

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