Cooper (Mr. Stinky McStuffins)

I found out why Cooper is always so stinky. He has a secondary infection caused by his allergies, and it increases his stink factor a BUNCH.


I took him to the vet Tuesday because he wouldn’t let me touch his feet (not normal), and he wants to sleep all the time (again, not normal!).


She had to sedate him so she could touch his feet. In layman’s terms, he has a yeast infection on his toes, between his toes, etc!

After the initial outrage at the sedation shot (he thought a bee stung him), he got really happy and then really sleepy. It was kind of hilarious the dopey way he acted.

At one point I talked for him and said, “Dave’s not here, man!!!” (anybody under 30 may not get that reference…the vet tech found it hilarious. ..LOL).


Neither was Cooper for a while.



Treatment: stinky shampoos and foot soaks twice a week.

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