Jake’s learning list

Jake and I made up his learning list before bed tonight. These are all things he’s very interested in and wants to know more about.


I’ve done homeschooling this way the majority of the time with all four of my kids. This works so well because it builds on the child’s interests. I’ll take this list and create themed monthly units full of lessons which include reading, writing, history, and science objectives and activities.  I loosely have these divided up by months, but we can move on sooner or linger longer on topics he chooses, and I can make sure he grasps what we’re learning about completely.  I highly recommend thematic units based on a child’s interests over boxed curriculum. 

When he finished, and we titled it, he turned to me and said, “Okay,  Mommy; now you make a learning list of all the things YOU want to learn about!”

I love that he sees learning as a natural daily lifelong occurrence and not just something he has to do because he’s a kid! His simple statement really thrilled my heart!


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