Repurposing old chicken feeders

OOPS!!! I just realized the pictures didn’t show up of the completed chicken feeder! I will update those this evening when I get back . Stay tuned!

On a local Facebook pickers’ site, I ran across chicken feeders. I was able to snag two (wish I could have gotten them all!). One was very tall and sort of narrow, and one was shirt and wide. Both had varying amounts of rust on them.


They called to me. LOL


They did NOT call to Puppers.  She doesn’t like things she doesn’t understand and that appear alive to her (like the hose, the wheelbarrow,  the tarp in the pasture, the garage door, etv.), and these growled (squeaked) at her all the way home. LOL


I am using one for the turkeys right now but the other one I spray painted…


…and repurposed into THIS!!!

It will be gorgeous once the flowers fill out! Next year I’m going to put some strawberries in the top to trail out amongst the flowers!!! I might even grow a sunflower in it. It’s a huge feeder!

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