Water in freezing temps

Lots of folks have asked how we keep water to the animals in freezing temps.  It’s hard work. I won’t lie. It’s difficult to do. There is no just deciding not to do it one day. They count on me make sure they have what they need. There is definitely no taking a day off with farming.

We’ve cracked four hoses so far this winter; they get brittle in the icy weather and break (literally snap).  Starting on Sunday, we decided to roll the hose up after every use, and we have been putting it inside the house in a bucket. So far, so good! Ted saved the cracked hoses because I think I can use them in the garden as sprinkler hoses this  summer.

Last winter I used a hatchet to bust open the ice a couple of times a day for Bessie. This year hasn’t been too bad yet though we’ve been busting ice for the past two weeks. My neighbor helps me out here and there and busts it for me, too,  especially when he knows I’m at testing sessions with students or on field trips.

Ted bought a floating warmer and put it in the little tank yesterday. It definitely does the trick! The water did not freeze even though it was about 14 degrees out yesterday and even colder last night!

Beef is very pleased with this because it warms the water as well!


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