Kickin’ it into high gear

My hens are ridiculously backwards with their egg laying. Most hens lay tons when it’s warm (late spring through early fall). My girls lay eggs when it’s super cold. It’s like they think a snowpocalypse is going to force them to the brink of extinction, and they lay tons of eggs to propogate their species.

In four days, I’ve collected 46 eggs. That’s almost a dozen a day. Very few look the same.


They’re beautiful. I love all the varying shades of brown.


I love the blue one and the speckled one.


I love the teeny tiny one that my lone banty lays.


I love the huge one that I think might be a turkey egg.

Gathering them everyday makes me happy. It sounds corny, but it makes me smile and makes my heart dance to see these eggs everyday. They’re all unique in size, shape, and shade. You won’t find that at the grocery store!

I love that I have enough to give my Gramma and my son and his wife plus enough to send to the neighbors plus enough for us. I have 20 hens, and they are little egg laying powerhouses all winter long.

If you want a little self-sufficiency,  start with chickens! They don’t require much care or time, and the rewards are delicious. 🙂

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